The Project

The project "Move! Do something: People and Places that are changing the world." is a initiative conceived by Farm Cultural Park and it's the result of synergy of point of view and experiences of Andrea Bartoli (Farm Cultural Park - Favara - Sicily) and Maurizio Carta (UniPa). They believe in the necessity of the alliance between knowledge and competences to accelerate the trasition to a culture funded society.

The italian traslation of "Move! Do something" is "Datti una mossa" (Hurry Up) that is an incitement to the activism, to the desire to become main character of beutiful stories of durable and sustainable territorial development, also through the creation of Cultural Indipendent Centers like Farm Cultural Park.

"Move! Do something: People and Places that are changing the world" is a project that will involve and describe People and Place that are changing the world through exhibitions, artist recidences, festival and workshops.

The aim of the project is not only to attract interest on people and places that are rethinking our future, but also to promote proactive behaviours for society transformation.

Keywords of the project

Change is generated by the active involvement of the people, by the distribution of power and responsibilities. Artistic values and social objectives are mixed together. Inspiration and sharing knowledge help people to change the world.

Using public areas as exhibition/event spaces and promoting urban regeneration processes and recycle od neglected buildings. Cultural centres often produce regenerated cultural spaces, events in streets and parks to get interest from people unused to artistic and cultural practices.

#Local integration
Centres often organise original activities on local identity in order to design a better future for the neighbourhood.

Networking is a key factor to share experiences and knowhow, to increase cooperation and to discuss how to support the change.

The co-operation with local associations is a key factor of territorial integration.

Volunteers support, sharing economy and sharing experiences: sharing as a new model of society.

Create and animate a community of friends and influencers able to generate powerful.

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Cultural Centers - Cultural or Artistic events/festivals/competitions - Network for support - Exchange and Co-operation - Education and Communication - Active Citizens/solidarity - People that are changing the world.

  • 2eme lieu

    2eme lieu

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    Juraj Horniak - 8million steps

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    Coltivatori di musica

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MAPPINGS - the first 73 steps.

  • Juraj Horniak - 8million steps - The Mediterranean Odissey • Seville, Spain
  • Massimo Sirelli - Adotta un Robot • Torino, Italy
  • La Guarimba Film Festival • Amantea, Italy
  • Timbuktu magazine • Los Angeles, USA
  • La Friche La Belle de Mai • Marseille, France
  • A Seis Manos • Bogotà, Colombia
  • Resistenza Gastrofonica Viaggiante - Coltivatori di Musica • Belmonte Calabro, Italy
  • Shibaura House • Tokyo, japan
  • Virsodepseio • Athens, Greece
  • Trans Europe Halles • Europe
  • A 38 Ship • Budapest, Hungary
  • Burrinja • Emerald-Melbourne, Australia
  • Opera Barolo • Torino, Italy
  • Hall 14 • Leipzig, Germany
  • Impa • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • ExFadda • San Vito dei Normanni, Italy
  • MOAS • Mar Mediterraneo - Mar Egeo - Golfo del Bengala
  • Projecto Casa B • Bogotà, Colombia
  • Uwe Jaentsch • Palermo, Italy
  • Darb 1718 • Il Cairo, Egypt
  • Studio-X Istambul • Istambul, Turkey
  • 2ème lieu • Paris, France
  • Dimora Oz • Palermo, Italy
  • 3331 Arts Chiyoda • Tokyo, Japan
  • Boom - Polmoni Urbani • Sicily, Italy
  • Arterial Network • Africa
  • Kulturfabrik • Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
  • mARTadero • Cochabamba, Bolivia
  • Cityvision • Roma, Italy
  • Kaapelitrhdas • Helsinki, Finland
  • Corporacion cultural nuestra gente • Medellin, Colombia
  • TABAcKAKULTURFABRIK • Kosice, Slovakia
  • Cometa • Como, Italy
  • La Casa Encendida • Madrid, Spain
  • Cascina Cuccagna • Milano, Italy
  • Maniffatture Knos • Lecce, Italy
  • Kulturzentrum Schlachthof • Bremen, Germany
  • Club cultur Matienzo • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Outdoor Festival • Roma, Italy
  • Povo • Zimbabwe
  • DEN NY MALTAFABRIK • Ebeltoft, Denmark
  • Scenario Pubblico • Catania, Italy
  • Kiosko galeria • Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  • NOASS • Riga, Latvia
  • Periferica • Mazara del Vallo, Italy
  • Le plus petit cirque du monde • Bagneaux, France
  • Fundacion Compa • El Alto, Bolivia
  • ALTrove Street Art Festival • Catanzaro, Italy
  • NAE - New Art Exchange • Nottingham, GB
  • RoDA STEN KONSTHALL • Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Fame Festival • Grottaglie, Italy
  • La Casa IDA • Lima, Perù
  • P60 • Amstelveen, The Netherlands
  • SKOROHOD • St Petersburg, Russia
  • Compasso Volante • Milano, Italy
  • CAOS • Terni, Italy
  • SOMArts • San Francisco, USA
  • TOU SCENE • Stavanger, norway
  • WUK - Werkstatten-Und-Kulturhaus • Vienna, Austria
  • Brunnenpassage • Vienna, Austria
  • VERKATEHADAS • Hameenlinna, Finlad
  • Creative Time • New York, USA
  • ROJC ALLIANCE • Pula, Croatia
  • MAAM - Museo dell'Altro e dell'Altrove • Roma, Italy
  • Studio Alta • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Johan Centrum • Pilzen, Czech Republic
  • UFA FABRIK • Berlin, Germany
  • Dream City • Tunis, Tunisia
  • MAG DAS • Vienna, Austria
  • Esterni • Milano, Italy
  • Abadir • Catania, Italy
  • Espirito Mundo • Espirito santo, Brazil

Our Team

Farm cultural Park - Deparment of Architecture, UNIVERSITY of PALERMO

Andrea Bartoli

Farm Cultural Park

Maurizio Carta

Department of architecture, UNIVERSITY of PALERMO

Barbara Cammarata

Farm Cultural Park

Barbara Lino

Department of Architecture, UNIVERSITY of PALERMO

Marco Claude

Farm Cultural Park

Francesca Montagna

Department of architecture, UNIVERSITY of PALERMO

Cosimo Camarda

Department of architecture, UNIVERSITY of PALERMO

Federica Scaffidi

Department of architecture, UNIVERSITY of PALERMO



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